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Bei dem Update einer Version vor 2.7.6 auf die aktuelle Version kann es je nach Servereinstellung zu einer Fehlermeldung kommen. Wenn WordPress sich im Anschluss jedoch normal verhält, ist das Update ist trotzdem ordnungsgemäß durchgeführt worden.

Version 2.8.4, pdf-Version 0.1.4 (01.12.2021)
  • The summary could not be closed after removing an image.
Version 2.8.3, pdf-Version 0.1.4, LR plugin 0.2.2 (28.11.2021)
  • PhotoMark is now waiting longer for the server to respond in standard galery mode after the first failed attempt.
  • Updated english translationt.
  • LR-Plugin: Status message mentiones the current project, the images are uploaded to.
  • LR-Plugin: It is now more obvious if a new project is created.
  • LR-Plugin: Now using GET and POST to communicate with the PhotoMark plugin to avoid some incompatibilities.
Version 2.8.2, pdf-Version 0.1.4 (24.11.2021)
  • Fixed warnings while uploading images via LR-plugin/FTP
  • The project comment was scambled after crating a project via LR-plugin and the batch processing.
  • The used LR-version is now shown in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Improved the debugging and fixed an issue which avoided the sending of debugging data on some systems.
  • Adressed minor issues with a theme incompatibility.
  • Minor code improvements.
Version 2.8.1, pdf-Version 0.1.4 (02.11.2021)
  • Download archives will be deleted after reuploading an image or multiple images.
  • Added a note, that there are unsolved Dropbox-issues.
Version 2.8.0, pdf-Version 0.1.4 (30.10.2021)
  • Added an option to automaticalli enable the customer download after uploading edited images.
  • A WordPress page containing the shortcode PhotoMark can now be created using a single click.
  • Code cleanup and preparations for the invoice plugin.
  • PDF: PHP 8.0 compatbility.
  • PDF: fixed an issue with missing background image for QR code cards.
Version 2.7.9, pdf-Version 0.1.3 (19.08.2021)
  • On some server configurations it was impossible to install the plugin due to some Warnings.
  • On some themes/server configurations, the js and css was not loaded in the frontend, which rendered the user interface unusable.
  • PDF: QR-codes were invisible.
Version 2.7.8, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (06.06.2021)
  • Fixed an issue, which avoided to change the max execution time for some systems.
  • Fixed an error message due to the undefined constant „PDB_SELECTED_C_ACTIVE“, which appeared on some servers.
  • Prepared some folder- and filename changes for the next update.
Version 2.7.7, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (06.06.2021)
  • Fixed an issue, which prevented the creation of project groups.
  • Minor design improvements in the project group form.
  • Minor code improvements.
Version 2.7.6, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (06.06.2021)
  • Customer without an assigned project could not be deleted in some cases.
  • Bump Plugin Update Checker to current version.
  • Bump jscolor to current version.
  • Translation improvement (EN).
Version 2.7.5, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (25.05.2021)
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to open the customer administration.
Version 2.7.4, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (25.05.2021)
  • Fixed an issue where saving the settings was not possible in some cases.
  • Rearranged some settings.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.7.3, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (24.05.2021)
  • The sample images are now more customizable. (intro images as sample images; amount of shown images; disable sample images)
  • Project comments by the customer will now be saved as base64 string in the database.
  • Saving of the project comment is now ensured on sending the order.
  • Improved english translation.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.7.2, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (01.05.2021)
  • It is now possible to unlock customers while unlocking the project.
  • Improved visibility of project comment in the project comment.
  • Preparations for invoice plugin.
Version 2.7.1, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (18.04.2021)
  • Added an extended filename recognition, to be able to replace an unedited images (eg. IMG_0001.jpg) with an edited version with a slightly modified name (eg. IMG_0001_edited.jpg).
  • Full archives will now be deleted if all unselected images of a project are deleted.
  • Minor changes for the statistics.
  • Preparations for invoice plugin.
Version 2.7.0, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (10.04.2021)
  • Added a Dashboard-Widget with summarized information about the PhotoMark installation.
  • Preparations for an upcoming pricing plugin.
  • Fixed an error which prevented a fresh installation of the plugin on some Systems.
Version 2.6.9, pdf-Version 0.1.1 (06.04.2021)
  • Fixed a cached galery issue causing falsely marked images.
  • Optimization of the debugging feature in combination with the pdf plugin.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.6.8, pdf-Version 0.1.0 (05.04.2021)
  • Improved multi-wordpress-user functionality to work as expected and fixed some issues.
  • Minor design changes in the backend. Project sorting settings are more visible.
  • Fixed background placement in the project-self-registration multipage PDF.
  • Rewrite and optimization of the debugging feature.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.6.7, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (02.04.2021)
  • Complete rewrite of the multi-wordpress-user functionality. It is now possible to allow the access for users with the role author and editor, while limiting the access to the settings and projects managed by others.
  • Fixed the random image selection for the intro page for the case there are less than 5 images in the gallery.
  • Fixed some minor button placements in the backend.
  • Improved the customer form in the customer administration.
  • Translation improvement (EN).
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.6.6, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (25.02.2021)
  • There was a bug, which made it impossible to set a new customer password pattern.
Version 2.6.5, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (30.12.2020)
  • E-Mail Templates were empty on a fresh install. Empty templates will now be filled with standard template.
Version 2.6.4, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (29.12.2020)
  • Galery did not stop loading after closing a full screen image.
Version 2.6.3, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (28.12.2020)
  • Masonry styled gallery did not load correctly after changing the page in some cases.
Version 2.6.2, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (11.12.2020)
  • Added a function to add random images from the gallery to the intro page.
  • Fixed a design issue with some messages in the frontend.
  • Minor changes for a cloudflare protected site.
Version 2.6.1, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (21.11.2020)
  • Star rating was not stored correctly when switching to full screen mode (fast gallery mode active) in some edge cases.
  • Statistic bar was not updated when changes were made in full screen mode (fast gallery mode active).
Version 2.6.0, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (15.11.2020)
  • Added a warning message if all images were (de)selected.
  • The action bar was missing if only a limited amount of images were selectable, while only a button should hav been hidden.
  • The limitation of selectable images was not present and there was also no warning message in chached gallery mode .
  • Images were not correctly selected in chached gallery mode, when a customer option was activated and the respective setting was active in the photomark setting.
  • Some button texts and other customizable texts were not saved or even deleted on saving the settings. They will be restored to factory settings if they are empty from now on.
Version 2.5.9, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (09.11.2020)
  • Added the possibility to change the headline of the address inputs.
Version 2.5.8, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (14.10.2020)
  • Updated some help texts.
  • Updated english translation.
  • Due to an error in the build system, a javascript libary was not included in 2.5.6, which rendered the PhotoMark backend unusable.
Version 2.5.7, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (13.10.2020)
  • Added the possibility to store multiple presets for emails and some other text templates as the project comment.
  • Added a link to all emails linked to a specific project / customer to the project / customer administration.
  • Fixed an issue where the projects creation date was set to 0 unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where projects were locked unintentionally.
  • Renamed „Projekt“ to „Galerie“ for the customer in the german version.
Version 2.5.6, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (28.08.2020)
  • Fixed „last accessed by customer“ and server timezone issues.
Version 2.5.5, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (27.08.2020)
  • Added „last accessed by customer“ information to the project status within the project administration.
  • Added „New project“ link to the group item in the project administration.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings of uninitialized variables in the project group administration.
Version 2.5.4, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (04.08.2020)
  • The lock/delete date can now be set using a date-time-selector.
  • The PhotoMark Plugin and the PDF Plugin used the UTC timezone for many operations instead of the the timezone set in WordPress.
  • The project information box was missing in the project administration.
Version 2.5.3, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (29.07.2020)
  • It is possible to check the last login date of a customer in the customer and project administration.
  • updated english translation
Version 2.5.2, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (27.07.2020)
  • Fixed a bug where images were not correctly rotated using the client-side resize function.
  • The uncached gallery got scrabled if the images were clicked trhough too fast.
  • Tried to catch a malformed picid earlier in the fronted which leads to an error (pictures_obj[b] is undefined) and an unfinished loading state (reason is still unknown).
  • There was a minor animation bug after undeleting an image inside the gallery (the image was white).
Version 2.5.1, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (26.07.2020)
  • Added shortcode [CLOSINGDATE] to the project publishing email template.
  • Added the possibility to hide the auto lock/delete feature in the project administration.
  • Added the possibility to define an autofill date for the auto lock/delete feature for new projects.
  • Added an email template to inform customers that a project will soon be automatically deleted.
  • It is now possible to delete emails which are older than a defined timespan automatically.
  • Improved the E-Mail-History (added direct links to customers and removed dublicated information)
  • Minor background improvements.
Version 2.5.0, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (11.07.2020)
  • Added metadata in picture list in project administration, showing the summed up amount of comments and markings of all customers of an image.
  • Progress bar in large image view now shows the progress in chached gallery mode.
  • Fixed a minor js error (pictures_obj[b] is undefined) occuring for some installations (reason is still unknown).
Zum Changelog (beta – 2.4.9)