• feature added
  • feature removed
  • bugfix
Version 2.1.8 (15.09.2019)
  • Added the possibility to automatically merge identical customers or to merge two seleted customers.
  • Added a new icon set for image marking.
  • Switched to font awesome icons for the backend tabs.
  • Fixed the icon position for image margin in masonry view for some themes.
  • The gallery will now automatically scroll to the top on a page switch.
  • There was a bug when a customer was deleted from the project administration.
  • In some cases a customer was created multiple times.
Version 2.1.7 (10.09.2019)
  • Added a warning if there are missing full size pictures while an option to enabling full size download is active.
  • Improved project selection-dropdown-menus in group administration
  • The incorrect subject line was used in an mail.
  • An warning of a missing name popped up incorrectly, when creating a user.
  • The frontend css is not any longer inline css but in seperate files using css variables.
Version 2.1.6 (04.09.2019)
  • Fixed incorrect registration formular appearing for anonymous user
  • Minor info text addition for some project settings.
  • Closing date was displayed incorrectly in project administration.
  • Fixed a caching problem when deleting and adding images for the intro page.
  • Using the customer shortcode now includes the project id.
Version 2.1.5 (01.09.2019)
  • Full screen mode had some trouble to correctly display full screen images
  • Preparations for easier CSS modifications
Version 2.1.4 (30.08.2019)
  • It is now possible, to automatically add new customers to all project in a group
  • An error appeared when crating a new project
  • Anonymous users were unable to open full screen images
  • When saving/creating a project it was removed from a group.
Version 2.1.3 (28.08.2019)
  • Anonymous user now can only see the galery. All relevant tools or buttons are removed.
  • There was an error saving changes in email texts
  • If a customer was created after adding all images, the customer could not access the gallery
Version 2.1.2 (27.08.2019)
  • New option to toggle the send button on in some cases
  • Changed the handling of errors in ZIP archives even more
  • If an old project was modified and saved, the pictures seemed to be missing
  • Code cleanup
Version 2.1.1 (26.08.2019)
  • New dropdown inputs in the backend
  • Projects no longer need unique names
  • Changed the handling of errors in ZIP archives
  • Landing page for customers no longer shows all pictures (page 1 instead)
  • Added compatibility for PHP older than 7.3 and WordPress older than 4.9.6
  • Project administration is no longer blocked if PhotoMark is trying to create zip archives
  • Code cleanup
Version 2.1.0 (22.08.2019)
  • Improved error handling in the case of missing project folders
  • Database integrity will now allways be checked if the project administration is opened.
  • Updated English translation
  • Minor code cleanup
Version 2.0.9 (21.08.2019)
  • The limit of 1000 files in the dropbox upload function is now gone.
  • Fixed the FTP upload function.
  • Improved information system for upload errors.
Version 2.0.8 (19.08.2019)
  • It is now possible to check if images in the Dropbox are modified (content check instead of file name check).
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.
Version 2.0.7 (18.08.2019)
  • Fixed selective delete function.
  • In some cases an error occured if the debug-mode was activated.
Version 2.0.6 (16.08.2019)
  • Fixed a problem creating archives via Ajax.
Version 2.0.5 (12.08.2019)
  • Fixed wrong behavior of the page selector and fixed URL history state.
Version 2.0.4 (09.08.2019)
  • Fixed Dropbox disable functionality.
  • Fixed wrong behavior in fullscreen mode when filters were active.
  • Rewrite of the pubilishing mechanism.
Version 2.0.3 (04.08.2019)
  • Dropbox functionality can be disabled without disconnecting.
  • A warning mail will now be send 7 days before the automatic project deletion. The time period can be modified.
  • Update server will now be changed automatically if the selected server is unavailable
  • Completed and improved english translation
  • Updaded „Plugin Update Checker“ and the Update server software
  • Improved error handling and added more detailed debugging information.
Version 2.0.2 (30.07.2019)
  • Added an „update information“ email to inform the customer that there has been an update to the project
  • improved english translation (81 % translated)
  • Multiple code enhancements in terms of email handling
  • Improved error handling and added more detailed debugging information.
Version 2.0.1 (19.07.2019)
  • Added an english translation (78 % translated at least roughly)
  • fixed some german spelling errors
  • Check for missing inputs on project creation.
Version 2.0.0 (15.07.2019)
  • The frontend can now be loaded using Ajax to avoid display issues with some third party themes.
  • Improved error handling on upload and archive creation.
  • Debug package could not be sent directly.
  • Minor bugfixes.
Version 1.9.9 (08.07.2019)
  • Improved the customer administration
    • Bulk deletion/locking/unlocking
    • Bulk CSV-export
    • Filter by projects
Version 1.9.8 (04.07.2019) Version 1.9.7 (01.07.2019)
  • Fixed a update bug which results from using a very old MySQL Version (<5.6).
  • Customer dropdown was missing if creating a new project from within a project group.
Version 1.9.6 (17.06.2019)
  • Fixed behavior while uploading and deleting images for intro page.
  • Increased max intro images to 5.
Version 1.9.5 (16.06.2019)
  • It is now possible to add notes to a customer in the customer administration.
  • Some improvements of the user interface in the project administration.
  • Improved CSV export.
Version 1.9.4 (12.06.2019)
  • Enhanced the customer administration and preparation for further changes
  • News and update-checks are now cached for 24 hours to reduce server querys.
Version 1.9.3 (11.06.2019)
  • Added a second update-server.
  • News, update-checks and the determination of used web-space can now be deactivated in favor of faster respond times of the settings.
  • The PhotoMark Plugin stopped working if the update/news server was not responding fast enough.
  • Fixed display issues with some themes.
  • Added some links to the wiki.
Version 1.9.2 (29.05.2019)
  • Tried to fix a display bug with the theme Avena.
  • Star rating (eg. from LR or Windows Explorer etc.) now works if full size images are only processed on the server and deleted afterwards.
Version 1.9.1 (29.05.2019)
  • Fixed wrong links to downloadable files in fast gallery mode.
Version 1.9.0 (23.05.2019)
  • It is now possible to reprocess already uploaded images
  • Corrected the behavior of the upload protection flag.
  • Better performance on image upload for some server configurations.
  • Improved debug information on image upload.
  • Fixed multiple PHP warnings.
  • Fixed / modified some strings.
Version 1.8.9 (19.05.2019)
  • Processing of images should be slightly faster using Imagick as PHP-Module or in the console version.
  • Added a function to get rid of doublicated entries in the download management.
Version 1.8.8 (17.05.2019)
  • EXIF-defined rotation of images is now taken into account
Version 1.8.7 (16.05.2019)
  • Fixed some user interface bugs in the project administration and the settings.
  • If a single picture is deleted, it will also be deleted in the zip file for original resolution pictures.
  • It was not possible to navigate back in the full screen view.
Version 1.8.6 (15.05.2019)
  • Customer password can now be defined more individually.
  • ZIP-File for original resolution pictures can now be created during upload.
  • In rare cases exec() was forbidden in unexpected ways which caused errror messages.
Version 1.8.5 (14.05.2019) Version 1.8.4 (13.05.2019)
  • small performance update
  • emergency update script added
  • fixed some texts in the settings
Version 1.8.3 (12.05.2019)
  • Added a fast gallery mode.
  • Fixed „send to support“ button
  • Added wiki entries to settings, where suitable.
Version 1.8.2 (26.04.2019)
  • Changed the behavior on changing an image in full screen mode
  • Updated filtering of some user set variables.
Version 1.8.1 (14.04.2019)
  • Added the possibility to change the size of the sample pictures, shown at registration.
  • fixed a height issue of sample pictures for a theme.
  • dropbox batch button did not appear if project groups were active.
  • The drop down menu in the project administration did not show the correct group.
  • Customer deletion was buggy.
  • The setting to not save the customer password could not be disabled.
  • Corrected some texts in the backend.
  • Corrected the behavior of the backend. Some options were hidden if they should have been visible on a fresh pageload.
Zum Changelog (beta – 1.6.9)