• feature added
  • feature removed
  • bugfix
Version 2.3.8, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (23.02.2020)
  • Fixed an issue in the fast galery mode: Customer comments were not stored correctly.
Version 2.3.7, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (15.02.2020)
  • An error message was displayed incorrectly.
  • The „verified status“ of the customer mail adress is now more visible.
Version 2.3.6, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (21.01.2020)
  • Batch process did not check if a customer already existed. This caused double customer entries.
  • Fixed some strings and translations.
  • PhotoMark PDF: There was an issue with multipage project access cards.
  • PhotoMark PDF: Renamed some buttons.
Version 2.3.5 (19.01.2020)
  • There were multiple link errors when the customer password was not stored.
  • Fixed some theme incompatibilities.
Version 2.3.4 (06.01.2020)
  • Minor design and annotation fixes.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.3.3 (05.01.2020)
  • It is now possible to change the delimiter character for the batch project creation.
  • Some frontend css fixes.
  • Added sanity checks for some url inputs including color coding and warnings.
  • Improved the backend user interface (more icons, design fixes).
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.3.2 (08.12.2019)
  • Fixed a critical bug: If a delete-batch-action in the project administration was triggered without a project selected (e.g. if the wrong action box was selected), all files (including all images in a project) in the photomark upload folder were deleted.
  • Improved the batch action messages in the project and the customer administration.
  • The last selected e-mail-preset tab will now be selected after saving the settings.
  • Fixed a PHP notice of an uninitialized variable.
Version 2.3.1 (26.11.2019)
  • Upload was not working in rare cases, if a server had no EXIF functions
  • Fixed a filepath error.
Version 2.3.0 (24.11.2019)
  • Saving animation for PhotoMark Settings
  • Tried to fix an error occuring due to a server-side XSS filter.
  • Fixed a problem saving and resetting some E-Mail-Texts correctly.
  • Fixed a rarely occuring PHP notice of an uninitialized variable.
Version 2.2.9 (18.11.2019)
  • It is now possible to hide finished projects from the customer project overview.
  • The anonymous user will not see the project overview anymore.
  • Fixed some issues with the shortcode. Customers linked to multiple projects were not allways linked to the expected project.
  • Fixed a style issue. The left arrow in the full screen view was in the wrong position if the menu was set to be on the right side.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the Auto Upload App.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.2.8 (11.11.2019)
  • added a file info column in the image overview table.
  • Batch project creation can now add projects directly to a group.
  • Fixed a problem with the shortcodes [CUSTOMERFIRSTNAME] and [CUSTOMERLASTNAME].
  • Migrated more backend icons to font awesome.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.2.7 (01.11.2019)
  • The customer password can now be reset by the customer.
  • Added an automatic repair function, if the creation of the ZIP archive fails. Therefore, full sized images shoud no longer be missing.
  • CSV project export now contains customer passwords, if storing of customer passwords is activated.
  • It was not possible for an existing customer to register in another project using the project link.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.2.6 (21.10.2019)
  • It is now possible to sort projects in the project administration by name, opening and closing date.
  • When downloading all QR codes in the batch processing menu, the customer QR-Codes are included in subfolders.
  • QR-Codes were not displayed in the batch processing menu sometimes.
  • CSV export of all project was moved to the batch processing menu.
  • Minor changes in the batch processing menu.
  • Project group entries in the project administration now contain a list of all included projects.
  • code cleanup
Version 2.2.5 (10.10.2019)
  • It is now possible to manually define the customer password in debug mode.
Version 2.2.4 (09.10.2019)
  • Added password keywords to the mail which informs the customer that a download is ready.
  • Added a button to force the transmission of „project will expire“-warning mails (if the project is near the deletioan date).
  • Password keywords were not always replaced in the „project will expire“-warning mails.
  • It was not always checked correctly if a customer already exists.
  • A warning was triggered if settings were saved with debug mode disabled.
Version 2.2.3 (08.10.2019)
  • The execution of a function took infinitly long time when saving the settings of PhotoMark when Debug mode was inactive.
  • Fixed a minor js error in project administration.
  • Minor changes for improved debugging.
Version 2.2.2 (04.10.2019)
  • Added an option to redirect to the actual zip-archive
  • Added a button to clean the project folder. (removing remains of old projects)
  • Deleting projects left some files and folders in the project folder.
Version 2.2.1 (29.09.2019)
  • Added the possibility to change the position of the cart icon in the frontend.
  • Added a custom-CSS field.
  • Fixed some minor user interface issues in the backend and the frontend.
Version 2.2.0 (27.09.2019)
  • Improved error handling and error messaging for creating archives. Especially if full sized imags are missing.
  • Removed some PHP warnings which appeared, after creating a project.
Zum Changelog (beta – 2.1.9)