• feature added
  • feature removed
  • bugfix
Version 2.7.9, pdf-Version 0.1.3 (19.08.2021)
  • On some server configurations it was impossible to install the plugin due to some Warnings.
  • On some themes/server configurations, the js and css was not loaded in the frontend, which rendered the user interface unusable.
  • PDF: QR-codes were invisible.
Version 2.7.8, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (06.06.2021)
  • Fixed an issue, which avoided to change the max execution time for some systems.
  • Fixed an error message due to the undefined constant „PDB_SELECTED_C_ACTIVE“, which appeared on some servers.
  • Prepared some folder- and filename changes for the next update.
Version 2.7.7, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (06.06.2021)
  • Fixed an issue, which prevented the creation of project groups.
  • Minor design improvements in the project group form.
  • Minor code improvements.
Version 2.7.6, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (06.06.2021)
  • Customer without an assigned project could not be deleted in some cases.
  • Bump Plugin Update Checker to current version.
  • Bump jscolor to current version.
  • Translation improvement (EN).
Version 2.7.5, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (25.05.2021)
  • Fixed a bug which made it impossible to open the customer administration.
Version 2.7.4, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (25.05.2021)
  • Fixed an issue where saving the settings was not possible in some cases.
  • Rearranged some settings.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.7.3, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (24.05.2021)
  • The sample images are now more customizable. (intro images as sample images; amount of shown images; disable sample images)
  • Project comments by the customer will now be saved as base64 string in the database.
  • Saving of the project comment is now ensured on sending the order.
  • Improved english translation.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.7.2, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (01.05.2021)
  • It is now possible to unlock customers while unlocking the project.
  • Improved visibility of project comment in the project comment.
  • Preparations for invoice plugin.
Version 2.7.1, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (18.04.2021)
  • Added an extended filename recognition, to be able to replace an unedited images (eg. IMG_0001.jpg) with an edited version with a slightly modified name (eg. IMG_0001_edited.jpg).
  • Full archives will now be deleted if all unselected images of a project are deleted.
  • Minor changes for the statistics.
  • Preparations for invoice plugin.
Version 2.7.0, pdf-Version 0.1.2 (10.04.2021)
  • Added a Dashboard-Widget with summarized information about the PhotoMark installation.
  • Preparations for an upcoming pricing plugin.
  • Fixed an error which prevented a fresh installation of the plugin on some Systems.
Version 2.6.9, pdf-Version 0.1.1 (06.04.2021)
  • Fixed a cached galery issue causing falsely marked images.
  • Optimization of the debugging feature in combination with the pdf plugin.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.6.8, pdf-Version 0.1.0 (05.04.2021)
  • Improved multi-wordpress-user functionality to work as expected and fixed some issues.
  • Minor design changes in the backend. Project sorting settings are more visible.
  • Fixed background placement in the project-self-registration multipage PDF.
  • Rewrite and optimization of the debugging feature.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.6.7, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (02.04.2021)
  • Complete rewrite of the multi-wordpress-user functionality. It is now possible to allow the access for users with the role author and editor, while limiting the access to the settings and projects managed by others.
  • Fixed the random image selection for the intro page for the case there are less than 5 images in the gallery.
  • Fixed some minor button placements in the backend.
  • Improved the customer form in the customer administration.
  • Translation improvement (EN).
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.6.6, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (25.02.2021)
  • There was a bug, which made it impossible to set a new customer password pattern.
Version 2.6.5, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (30.12.2020)
  • E-Mail Templates were empty on a fresh install. Empty templates will now be filled with standard template.
Version 2.6.4, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (29.12.2020)
  • Galery did not stop loading after closing a full screen image.
Version 2.6.3, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (28.12.2020)
  • Masonry styled gallery did not load correctly after changing the page in some cases.
Version 2.6.2, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (11.12.2020)
  • Added a function to add random images from the gallery to the intro page.
  • Fixed a design issue with some messages in the frontend.
  • Minor changes for a cloudflare protected site.
Version 2.6.1, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (21.11.2020)
  • Star rating was not stored correctly when switching to full screen mode (fast gallery mode active) in some edge cases.
  • Statistic bar was not updated when changes were made in full screen mode (fast gallery mode active).
Version 2.6.0, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (15.11.2020)
  • Added a warning message if all images were (de)selected.
  • The action bar was missing if only a limited amount of images were selectable, while only a button should hav been hidden.
  • The limitation of selectable images was not present and there was also no warning message in chached gallery mode .
  • Images were not correctly selected in chached gallery mode, when a customer option was activated and the respective setting was active in the photomark setting.
  • Some button texts and other customizable texts were not saved or even deleted on saving the settings. They will be restored to factory settings if they are empty from now on.
Version 2.5.9, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (09.11.2020)
  • Added the possibility to change the headline of the address inputs.
Version 2.5.8, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (14.10.2020)
  • Updated some help texts.
  • Updated english translation.
  • Due to an error in the build system, a javascript libary was not included in 2.5.6, which rendered the PhotoMark backend unusable.
Version 2.5.7, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (13.10.2020)
  • Added the possibility to store multiple presets for emails and some other text templates as the project comment.
  • Added a link to all emails linked to a specific project / customer to the project / customer administration.
  • Fixed an issue where the projects creation date was set to 0 unintentionally.
  • Fixed an issue where projects were locked unintentionally.
  • Renamed „Projekt“ to „Galerie“ for the customer in the german version.
Version 2.5.6, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (28.08.2020)
  • Fixed „last accessed by customer“ and server timezone issues.
Version 2.5.5, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (27.08.2020)
  • Added „last accessed by customer“ information to the project status within the project administration.
  • Added „New project“ link to the group item in the project administration.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings of uninitialized variables in the project group administration.
Version 2.5.4, pdf-Version 0.0.9 (04.08.2020)
  • The lock/delete date can now be set using a date-time-selector.
  • The PhotoMark Plugin and the PDF Plugin used the UTC timezone for many operations instead of the the timezone set in WordPress.
  • The project information box was missing in the project administration.
Version 2.5.3, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (29.07.2020)
  • It is possible to check the last login date of a customer in the customer and project administration.
  • updated english translation
Version 2.5.2, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (27.07.2020)
  • Fixed a bug where images were not correctly rotated using the client-side resize function.
  • The uncached gallery got scrabled if the images were clicked trhough too fast.
  • Tried to catch a malformed picid earlier in the fronted which leads to an error (pictures_obj[b] is undefined) and an unfinished loading state (reason is still unknown).
  • There was a minor animation bug after undeleting an image inside the gallery (the image was white).
Version 2.5.1, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (26.07.2020)
  • Added shortcode [CLOSINGDATE] to the project publishing email template.
  • Added the possibility to hide the auto lock/delete feature in the project administration.
  • Added the possibility to define an autofill date for the auto lock/delete feature for new projects.
  • Added an email template to inform customers that a project will soon be automatically deleted.
  • It is now possible to delete emails which are older than a defined timespan automatically.
  • Improved the E-Mail-History (added direct links to customers and removed dublicated information)
  • Minor background improvements.
Version 2.5.0, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (11.07.2020)
  • Added metadata in picture list in project administration, showing the summed up amount of comments and markings of all customers of an image.
  • Progress bar in large image view now shows the progress in chached gallery mode.
  • Fixed a minor js error (pictures_obj[b] is undefined) occuring for some installations (reason is still unknown).
Version 2.4.9, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (25.06.2020)
  • Cached gallery mode: Actual rating was not correctly shown after changing, while the value was corretly saved on the server.
  • Cached gallery mode: ‚Mark all images‘ and ‚unselect all images‘ buttons are now always visible in the action bar
  • Marking bahavior was sometimes wrong when cached gallery mode was disabled and all symbols are displayed in large image mode.
  • Rating did not work correctly in some cases, when any other style than stars was active.
  • Fixed false „Authentication error“-message when dynamic gallery is active.
  • Fixed a minor design flaw when filenames were displayed and the red-orange-green rating style was active.
Version 2.4.8, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (28.05.2020)
  • Cached gallery mode: Filter buttons did not work.
  • Fixed a design error occuring in Safari.
  • Fixed design errors for some WP-Themes.
Version 2.4.7, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (11.05.2020)
  • Cached gallery mode: Comments were not saved correctly.
  • Cached gallery mode: Rating changes were somehow random.
  • File name was not displayed correctly in non-masonry-view.
  • Intro page: Title was too large when viewed using a mobile device.
Version 2.4.6, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (08.05.2020)
  • Fixed some spelling errors and updated english translation.
  • Fixed a minor design issue.
  • Customers with multiple associated projects were only able to access a single project correctly.
Version 2.4.5, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (08.05.2020)
  • There were some more php notices of undefined variables.
  • Dynamic gallery option (Flotheme fix) did not work properly for customers.
  • Code cleanup.
Version 2.4.4, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (07.05.2020)
  • There were some php notices of undefined variables.
  • Site navigation did not work.
  • Automatical recreation of zip archives (containing selected images) was damaged.
Version 2.4.3, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (07.05.2020)
  • It was not possible to add customers to an existing project.
  • It was impossible to use the gallery for a customer with multiple projects.
  • marking symbols now change correctly in cached gallery mode.
Version 2.4.2, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (06.05.2020)
  • Fixed an issue with not disappearing loading animations when customer options were disabled.
Version 2.4.1, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (06.05.2020)
  • Fixed an issue with not disappearing loading animations when rating was disabled.
  • Dynamical loading gallery was broken, when cached gallery was active.
  • Moved settings for cached gallery to „gallery“ tab.
Version 2.4.0, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (04.05.2020)
  • Improved the cached gallery mode and extended the functionality to the galery itself.
  • Fixed an redirection issue in the customer administration when selecting a project.
  • Changed the CSV export for rating from x/5 to x to avoid auto formatting issues in spreadsheet programs like Excel.
  • Fixed some design issues for the theme uncode
Version 2.3.9, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (13.04.2020)
  • Added cached gallery mode.
  • Removed fast gallery mode.
  • Minor fixes.
Version 2.3.8, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (23.02.2020)
  • Fixed an issue in the fast galery mode: Customer comments were not stored correctly.
Version 2.3.7, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (15.02.2020)
  • An error message was displayed incorrectly.
  • The „verified status“ of the customer mail adress is now more visible.
Version 2.3.6, pdf-Version 0.0.8 (21.01.2020)
  • Batch process did not check if a customer already existed. This caused double customer entries.
  • Fixed some strings and translations.
  • PhotoMark PDF: There was an issue with multipage project access cards.
  • PhotoMark PDF: Renamed some buttons.
Version 2.3.5 (19.01.2020)
  • There were multiple link errors when the customer password was not stored.
  • Fixed some theme incompatibilities.
Version 2.3.4 (06.01.2020)
  • Minor design and annotation fixes.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.3.3 (05.01.2020)
  • It is now possible to change the delimiter character for the batch project creation.
  • Some frontend css fixes.
  • Added sanity checks for some url inputs including color coding and warnings.
  • Improved the backend user interface (more icons, design fixes).
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.3.2 (08.12.2019)
  • Fixed a critical bug: If a delete-batch-action in the project administration was triggered without a project selected (e.g. if the wrong action box was selected), all files (including all images in a project) in the photomark upload folder were deleted.
  • Improved the batch action messages in the project and the customer administration.
  • The last selected e-mail-preset tab will now be selected after saving the settings.
  • Fixed a PHP notice of an uninitialized variable.
Version 2.3.1 (26.11.2019)
  • Upload was not working in rare cases, if a server had no EXIF functions
  • Fixed a filepath error.
Version 2.3.0 (24.11.2019)
  • Saving animation for PhotoMark Settings
  • Tried to fix an error occuring due to a server-side XSS filter.
  • Fixed a problem saving and resetting some E-Mail-Texts correctly.
  • Fixed a rarely occuring PHP notice of an uninitialized variable.
Version 2.2.9 (18.11.2019)
  • It is now possible to hide finished projects from the customer project overview.
  • The anonymous user will not see the project overview anymore.
  • Fixed some issues with the shortcode. Customers linked to multiple projects were not allways linked to the expected project.
  • Fixed a style issue. The left arrow in the full screen view was in the wrong position if the menu was set to be on the right side.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the Auto Upload App.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.2.8 (11.11.2019)
  • added a file info column in the image overview table.
  • Batch project creation can now add projects directly to a group.
  • Fixed a problem with the shortcodes [CUSTOMERFIRSTNAME] and [CUSTOMERLASTNAME].
  • Migrated more backend icons to font awesome.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.2.7 (01.11.2019)
  • The customer password can now be reset by the customer.
  • Added an automatic repair function, if the creation of the ZIP archive fails. Therefore, full sized images shoud no longer be missing.
  • CSV project export now contains customer passwords, if storing of customer passwords is activated.
  • It was not possible for an existing customer to register in another project using the project link.
  • Prepared PhotoMark Plugin for the PDF exporter.
Version 2.2.6 (21.10.2019)
  • It is now possible to sort projects in the project administration by name, opening and closing date.
  • When downloading all QR codes in the batch processing menu, the customer QR-Codes are included in subfolders.
  • QR-Codes were not displayed in the batch processing menu sometimes.
  • CSV export of all project was moved to the batch processing menu.
  • Minor changes in the batch processing menu.
  • Project group entries in the project administration now contain a list of all included projects.
  • code cleanup
Version 2.2.5 (10.10.2019)
  • It is now possible to manually define the customer password in debug mode.
Version 2.2.4 (09.10.2019)
  • Added password keywords to the mail which informs the customer that a download is ready.
  • Added a button to force the transmission of „project will expire“-warning mails (if the project is near the deletioan date).
  • Password keywords were not always replaced in the „project will expire“-warning mails.
  • It was not always checked correctly if a customer already exists.
  • A warning was triggered if settings were saved with debug mode disabled.
Version 2.2.3 (08.10.2019)
  • The execution of a function took infinitly long time when saving the settings of PhotoMark when Debug mode was inactive.
  • Fixed a minor js error in project administration.
  • Minor changes for improved debugging.
Version 2.2.2 (04.10.2019)
  • Added an option to redirect to the actual zip-archive
  • Added a button to clean the project folder. (removing remains of old projects)
  • Deleting projects left some files and folders in the project folder.
Version 2.2.1 (29.09.2019)
  • Added the possibility to change the position of the cart icon in the frontend.
  • Added a custom-CSS field.
  • Fixed some minor user interface issues in the backend and the frontend.
Version 2.2.0 (27.09.2019)
  • Improved error handling and error messaging for creating archives. Especially if full sized imags are missing.
  • Removed some PHP warnings which appeared, after creating a project.
Version 2.1.9 (23.09.2019)
  • Improved redirecting after processing some functions like deleting files or mails.
  • Disabled button to reprocess ZIP when ajax processing of the zips is disabled.
  • Fixed the doublicated saving of images when uploading reprocessed images to overwrite existing ones.
Version 2.1.8 (15.09.2019)
  • Added the possibility to automatically merge identical customers or to merge two seleted customers.
  • Added a new icon set for image marking.
  • Switched to font awesome icons for the backend tabs.
  • Fixed the icon position for image margin in masonry view for some themes.
  • The gallery will now automatically scroll to the top on a page switch.
  • There was a bug when a customer was deleted from the project administration.
  • In some cases a customer was created multiple times.
Version 2.1.7 (10.09.2019)
  • Added a warning if there are missing full size pictures while an option to enabling full size download is active.
  • Improved project selection-dropdown-menus in group administration
  • The incorrect subject line was used in an mail.
  • An warning of a missing name popped up incorrectly, when creating a user.
  • The frontend css is not any longer inline css but in seperate files using css variables.
Version 2.1.6 (04.09.2019)
  • Fixed incorrect registration formular appearing for anonymous user
  • Minor info text addition for some project settings.
  • Closing date was displayed incorrectly in project administration.
  • Fixed a caching problem when deleting and adding images for the intro page.
  • Using the customer shortcode now includes the project id.
Version 2.1.5 (01.09.2019)
  • Full screen mode had some trouble to correctly display full screen images
  • Preparations for easier CSS modifications
Version 2.1.4 (30.08.2019)
  • It is now possible, to automatically add new customers to all project in a group
  • An error appeared when crating a new project
  • Anonymous users were unable to open full screen images
  • When saving/creating a project it was removed from a group.
Version 2.1.3 (28.08.2019)
  • Anonymous user now can only see the galery. All relevant tools or buttons are removed.
  • There was an error saving changes in email texts
  • If a customer was created after adding all images, the customer could not access the gallery
Version 2.1.2 (27.08.2019)
  • New option to toggle the send button on in some cases
  • Changed the handling of errors in ZIP archives even more
  • If an old project was modified and saved, the pictures seemed to be missing
  • Code cleanup
Version 2.1.1 (26.08.2019)
  • New dropdown inputs in the backend
  • Projects no longer need unique names
  • Changed the handling of errors in ZIP archives
  • Landing page for customers no longer shows all pictures (page 1 instead)
  • Added compatibility for PHP older than 7.3 and WordPress older than 4.9.6
  • Project administration is no longer blocked if PhotoMark is trying to create zip archives
  • Code cleanup
Version 2.1.0 (22.08.2019)
  • Improved error handling in the case of missing project folders
  • Database integrity will now allways be checked if the project administration is opened.
  • Updated English translation
  • Minor code cleanup
Version 2.0.9 (21.08.2019)
  • The limit of 1000 files in the dropbox upload function is now gone.
  • Fixed the FTP upload function.
  • Improved information system for upload errors.
Version 2.0.8 (19.08.2019)
  • It is now possible to check if images in the Dropbox are modified (content check instead of file name check).
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.
Version 2.0.7 (18.08.2019)
  • Fixed selective delete function.
  • In some cases an error occured if the debug-mode was activated.
Version 2.0.6 (16.08.2019)
  • Fixed a problem creating archives via Ajax.
Version 2.0.5 (12.08.2019)
  • Fixed wrong behavior of the page selector and fixed URL history state.
Version 2.0.4 (09.08.2019)
  • Fixed Dropbox disable functionality.
  • Fixed wrong behavior in fullscreen mode when filters were active.
  • Rewrite of the pubilishing mechanism.
Version 2.0.3 (04.08.2019)
  • Dropbox functionality can be disabled without disconnecting.
  • A warning mail will now be send 7 days before the automatic project deletion. The time period can be modified.
  • Update server will now be changed automatically if the selected server is unavailable
  • Completed and improved english translation
  • Updaded „Plugin Update Checker“ and the Update server software
  • Improved error handling and added more detailed debugging information.
Version 2.0.2 (30.07.2019)
  • Added an „update information“ email to inform the customer that there has been an update to the project
  • improved english translation (81 % translated)
  • Multiple code enhancements in terms of email handling
  • Improved error handling and added more detailed debugging information.
Version 2.0.1 (19.07.2019)
  • Added an english translation (78 % translated at least roughly)
  • fixed some german spelling errors
  • Check for missing inputs on project creation.
Version 2.0.0 (15.07.2019)
  • The frontend can now be loaded using Ajax to avoid display issues with some third party themes.
  • Improved error handling on upload and archive creation.
  • Debug package could not be sent directly.
  • Minor bugfixes.
Version 1.9.9 (08.07.2019)
  • Improved the customer administration
    • Bulk deletion/locking/unlocking
    • Bulk CSV-export
    • Filter by projects
Version 1.9.8 (04.07.2019) Version 1.9.7 (01.07.2019)
  • Fixed a update bug which results from using a very old MySQL Version (<5.6).
  • Customer dropdown was missing if creating a new project from within a project group.
Version 1.9.6 (17.06.2019)
  • Fixed behavior while uploading and deleting images for intro page.
  • Increased max intro images to 5.
Version 1.9.5 (16.06.2019)
  • It is now possible to add notes to a customer in the customer administration.
  • Some improvements of the user interface in the project administration.
  • Improved CSV export.
Version 1.9.4 (12.06.2019)
  • Enhanced the customer administration and preparation for further changes
  • News and update-checks are now cached for 24 hours to reduce server querys.
Version 1.9.3 (11.06.2019)
  • Added a second update-server.
  • News, update-checks and the determination of used web-space can now be deactivated in favor of faster respond times of the settings.
  • The PhotoMark Plugin stopped working if the update/news server was not responding fast enough.
  • Fixed display issues with some themes.
  • Added some links to the wiki.
Version 1.9.2 (29.05.2019)
  • Tried to fix a display bug with the theme Avena.
  • Star rating (eg. from LR or Windows Explorer etc.) now works if full size images are only processed on the server and deleted afterwards.
Version 1.9.1 (29.05.2019)
  • Fixed wrong links to downloadable files in fast gallery mode.
Version 1.9.0 (23.05.2019)
  • It is now possible to reprocess already uploaded images
  • Corrected the behavior of the upload protection flag.
  • Better performance on image upload for some server configurations.
  • Improved debug information on image upload.
  • Fixed multiple PHP warnings.
  • Fixed / modified some strings.
Version 1.8.9 (19.05.2019)
  • Processing of images should be slightly faster using Imagick as PHP-Module or in the console version.
  • Added a function to get rid of doublicated entries in the download management.
Version 1.8.8 (17.05.2019)
  • EXIF-defined rotation of images is now taken into account
Version 1.8.7 (16.05.2019)
  • Fixed some user interface bugs in the project administration and the settings.
  • If a single picture is deleted, it will also be deleted in the zip file for original resolution pictures.
  • It was not possible to navigate back in the full screen view.
Version 1.8.6 (15.05.2019)
  • Customer password can now be defined more individually.
  • ZIP-File for original resolution pictures can now be created during upload.
  • In rare cases exec() was forbidden in unexpected ways which caused errror messages.
Version 1.8.5 (14.05.2019) Version 1.8.4 (13.05.2019)
  • small performance update
  • emergency update script added
  • fixed some texts in the settings
Version 1.8.3 (12.05.2019)
  • Added a fast gallery mode.
  • Fixed „send to support“ button
  • Added wiki entries to settings, where suitable.
Version 1.8.2 (26.04.2019)
  • Changed the behavior on changing an image in full screen mode
  • Updated filtering of some user set variables.
Version 1.8.1 (14.04.2019)
  • Added the possibility to change the size of the sample pictures, shown at registration.
  • fixed a height issue of sample pictures for a theme.
  • dropbox batch button did not appear if project groups were active.
  • The drop down menu in the project administration did not show the correct group.
  • Customer deletion was buggy.
  • The setting to not save the customer password could not be disabled.
  • Corrected some texts in the backend.
  • Corrected the behavior of the backend. Some options were hidden if they should have been visible on a fresh pageload.
Version 1.8.0 (09.04.2019)
  • Added a project filter in the download overview and the mail history.
  • The admin message when sending the selection was appearing for customers.
  • The PhotoMark Plugin Icon was not appearing at some menus.
  • The download info mail will now only be send if all zips of a multipart archive are successfully downloaded.
  • changed the location of some settings in the Experten-Tab within Einstellungen.
  • Updated filtering of some user set variables.
Version 1.7.9 (07.04.2019)
  • Download info mail was processed incorrectly.
Version 1.7.8 (05.04.2019)
  • Added an anonymous user, enabeles customers to login into a projekt without providing any information.
  • It is now possible to deactivate the photomark quicklinks on the frontend
  • Bugfix for logging in using first the project link and using the customer passwords afterwards
  • Updated filtering of some user set variables.
Version 1.7.7 (04.04.2019)
  • Added a group/folder system to PhotoMark.
  • Changed appearance of large image view for small devices. The image is now always completely visible.
  • Picture wrapper now centeres the masonry view of the preview pictures.
  • Updated filtering of some user set variables.
Version 1.7.6 (24.03.2019)
  • Added a mail history which saves the last n mails sent by PhotoMark.
  • It is now possible to change the download info mail.
  • Download info mail was sent to the customer instead of the administrator.
Version 1.7.5 (16.03.2019)
  • multiple bugfixes (error messages appeared in some cases)
Version 1.7.4 (06.02.2019)
  • There were some errors when creating a project with existing customers.
  • customers assigned to multiple projects were incorrectly shown in the customer adimistration panel
  • corrected the uninstall/reset script
  • small bugfixes in backend user interface
Version 1.7.3 (20.01.2019)
  • Added a mosaic-watermark layout
  • Star rating within the Exiff-data of Lightroom or Windows Explorer can be automatically imported to the PhotoMark rating system
  • Fix for Fiji2-Theme by flothemes
Version 1.7.2 (17.01.2019)
  • Automatic recognition if the console version of ImageMagick (Imagick) is useable on the server
  • upload was impossible in some server configurations
Version 1.7.1 (14.01.2019)
  • Download date & time will be logged
  • a reload within the project administration wont change the current tab anymore
  • multiple minor bugfixes
Version 1.7.0 (24.12.2018)
  • Downloads can now be tracked
  • added an overview of downloadable zip-files
  • It is possible to redirect to another url after the selection
  • option to delete customers on removal of the only linked project
  • it can be forced to overwrite existing pictures on a new project
  • full zip archives will be refreshed if new pictures are uploaded
  • optimisations and code cleanup
Version 1.6.9 (03.12.2018)
  • prepared the possibility to use the lightroom plugin
  • added a news box
  • it is possible to automatically delete projects after a defined date
  • some bugfixes and optimizations considering the masonry view
  • css fixes for some themes
  • not all settings were correctly saved when creating a new project
  • spelling corrections
  • minor optimisations in the debug system
  • code cleanup
  • the update of the plugin database did not work correctly from version 1.6.5 – 1.6.7
  • bugfix in the keyword replacement for the registration text
Version 1.6.7 (23.11.2018)
  • new keywords for registration text
  • it is possible to modify the welcome text for password input
  • added compatibility mode for font-awesome 5.x
  • bulk upload of files for multiple projects in dropbox
  • better performance in project administration if dropbox is used
  • bugfixes in the dropbox subsystem
  • changed behavior of some checkboxes in the settings
  • if all customers have finished their picture selection, not only modified pictures but also new pictures can be uploaded (determined by filename)
  • the send button is visible for the administrator but a warning is shown if clicked
  • updated to font-awesome 4.7.0
  • minor bugfixes
Version 1.6.6 (23.10.2018)
  • It is possible to download all QR-codes in a zip file
  • fixed a bug in the dropbox-system, where existing pictures were not correctly detected
  • minor optimizations
Version 1.6.5 (18.10.2018)
  • It is possible to create multiple projects at once using a batch process
  • added possibility to allow main customers to delete pictures
  • added controls to move faster between projects
  • pictures can now be deleted in masonry view
  • fixed a display error for project registration
Version 1.6.4 (30.09.2018)
  • addressed some perfomance issues in the project administration for projects with many pictures
  • fixed a display error, where icons were missing
Version 1.6.3 (23.09.2018)
  • Added a masonry view
  • Added the possibility for multi part zip archives
  • significant performance optimization if free zip-archives were used
  • there was a problem selecting a images in the gallery view
  • reorganization of some options within the settings
Version 1.6.2 (30.07.2018)
  • It is possible to select a resizing method if supported by the server.
  • changing images in the overlay is faster.
  • minor visual changes
Version 1.6.1 (28.06.2018)
  • Automatic project locking by setting a expiring date is now possible.
  • New option to show the filename on the preview tiles.
Version 1.6.0 (28.05.2018)
  • Added an legal information if https connection is missing.
  • fixed an incompatibility with a theme
Version 1.5.9 (13.05.2018)
  • Updated the update libary.
Version 1.5.5 – 1.5.8 (19.04.2018)
  • Its now possible to hide the send-button and the summary button if the customer is allowed to download the images right away.
  • Send-button now appears below the summary tab.
  • some css tweaks for some WordPress-Themes
  • multiple bugfixes
Version 1.5.4 (27.02.2018)
  • added [CUSTOMERADDRESS] keyword for e-mails
  • customer can change the address prior sending the selection
  • it was impossible to create a new project
Version 1.5.3 (25.02.2018)
  • added the possibility to ask for address data
  • project title can be shown in customer view
  • fixed and added some strings
  • fixed minor bugs
Version 1.5.2 (05.02.2018)
  • added the possibility to force a site link within the photomark settings
  • customer project-overview is now splitted into active and closed projects
  • fixed some php notices for uninitialised variables
  • fixed „header already send“ error in the CSV Export
  • Full screen view did not work properly in some cases
  • „marked pictures“ statistic in customer view was not updated correctly
  • fixed a theme incompatibility
Version 1.5.1 (04.02.2018)
  • added the possibility to upload pictures via a seperate Adobe Lightroom Plugin
  • added a link for the customer to get back to the project-overview
  • added download link for the customer in the project-overview in case of completed projects
  • fixed a major bug: in fullscreen mode all customers of a project shared a the picture selection and comments of the main customer
  • it is now possible to use the enter key within the comment field in fullscreen mode
  • minor change in the behavior of the summary list
Version 1.5.0 (10.01.2018)
  • fixed a bug in the used Dropbox framework which made WordPress inaccessible on some configurations
Version 1.4.9 (09.01.2018)
  • fixed Dropbox functionality (API switch to v2)
  • fixed inconsistent password status messages in project administration
  • changed some strings
Version 1.4.8 (13.10.2017)
  • minor bugfix to remove an error message
Version 1.4.7 (12.10.2017)
    • added the possibility to upload pictures via FTP
  • added a PhotoMark Plugin menu in the admin bar of WordPess
  • full screen download remains active even if deactivated in global settings
  • minor bugfixes
Version 1.4.4-1.4.6
  • fixed a parsing bug in E-Mail function where [BR] appeared in the final text
  • fixed a parsing bug in E-Mail function where [BR] appeared in the final text
  • fixed an minor error
Version 1.4.3 (17.09.2017)
  • added the possibility to force customers to choose a shipping option before finishing the selection
  • fixed an minor error in customer status messages
Version 1.4.2 (16.09.2017)
  • added the possibility to select a customer when creating a new project
  • it was not possible to create a project when dropbox was enabled
Version 1.4.1 (13.09.2017)
  • added the possibility to show file lists of preselected pictures
  • project title and creation date can be modified
Version 1.4.0 (08.08.2017)
  • added some information in the project administration
  • fixed missing line break on intro page if date is disabled
  • fixed incorrect behavior if Imagick is enabled
Version 1.3.9 (21.07.2017)
  • changed the order of projects displayed for customers (newest on top)
  • minor bugfix
Version 1.3.8 (18.07.2017)
  • in some cases the picture sequence in full screen mode was incorrect
  • minor bugfixes and some code cleaning
Version 1.3.7 (17.07.2017)
  • its now possible to mark pictures when a user-option is checked
  • its now possible to show all marking symbols in full screen mode (unshure marking has to be enabled)
  • added some icons to buttons in the PhotoMark Plugin settings
  • fixed some minor problems with backup function of the PhotoMark Plugin settings
Version 1.3.6 (07.07.2017)
  • minor bugfixes
Version 1.3.5 (04.07.2017)
  • it is now possible to use the bbcode [URL=http://www.example.com]Example[/URL] for the project comment
  • new Export CSV button in project administration overview
  • repaired the Export CSV button in the project administration
Version 1.3.4 (03.07.2017)
  • e-mail subject in the selection e-mails was missing
  • customer e-mail address was not correctly shown in the selection e-mail with the standard text
  • locking or unlocking customer in the project administration will now result in reloading the page
Version 1.3.3 (26.06.2017)
  • in some cases it was impossible to successfully create more than 127 customers
Version 1.3.2 (22.06.2017)
  • minor bugfix
Version 1.3.1 (22.06.2017)
  • its now possible to use the project preview before publishing the project
  • removed a php notice which appeared on saving project changes
Version 1.3.0 (20.06.2017)
  • Full sized pictures were mistakenly recalculated on upload
  • EXIF-Data were removed on upload which resulted in a loss of custom color spaces
  • it was not possible to reset the downloadlink
Version 1.2.9 (19.06.2017)
  • added a notice when no SMTP plugin is installed
  • download link for zip archive in the customer e-mail was faulty
  • fixed a php notice which appeared after saving the settings
Version 1.2.8 (31.05.2017)
  • it was not possible to add an item to the cart
Version 1.2.7 (27.05.2017)
  • it was impossible for new customers to register to a project
  • the short project link did not work properly
Version 1.2.6 (22.05.2017)
  • It is now possible to use Shortcodes for customers and projects
  • workaround for some browsers where the picture archive downloadsdid not start automatically
Version 1.2.5 (16.05.2017)
  • PhotoMark Plugin is now PHP 7.1 compatible
  • switched from mcrypt to openssl
  • added a message when a customer password is changed
  • disabled scrollbar on the intropage
  • colors were not saved correctly (some colors may have been overwritten!)
  • fixed a minor issue on the mobile view for fullscreen images
Version 1.2.4 (16.05.2017)
  • new customer administration
  • it is possible to assign multiple projects to a customer
  • added possibility to aktivate an intro page
  • added possibility to chage icon sets for selection and rating
  • added a message if customer data were successfully changed
  • fixed multiple minor bugs
Version 1.2.3 (13.04.2017)
  • minor bugfixes
Version 1.2.2 (10.04.2017)
  • added the possibility to hand out high resolution pictures as zip-archive before picture selection
  • the plugin now automatically determines the post containing the [ PhotoMark ] Shortcode on a fresh installation
  • an e-mail-error occured if the picture selection was confirmed
  • watermark was not placed correctly
Version 1.2.1 (05.04.2017)
  • on some servers a database bug prevented a fresh installation
  • removed old project management
Version 1.2.0 (04.04.2017)
  • PhotoMarkPlugin now uses Imagick-php-module for resizing
  • a confirmation mail can now be sent to customers
  • added a project preview button to the new project management
  • removed resolution limit
  • fixed some errors of the new project management
  • project management is now visible to everybody
  • some code optimisations for faster execution
  • fixed a compatibility problem with the Edge-browser
Version 1.1.9 (17.03.2017)
  • prepared a new project management
  • backend redesign
  • fixed some problems sending the intended e-mail (download link and customer selection)
  • fixed some minor cart bugs with multiple customers
  • confused first name and e-mail address if a new customer was crated
  • minor bugfixes
Version 1.1.8 (22.12.2016)
  • Full screen images of older projects were not displayed
  • page will now reload if another project is selected
  • fixed display errors
Version 1.1.7 (20.12.2016)
  • it is now possible to show a picture in its original resolution in full-screen mode (no stretching)
  • debug mode was initially activated on a new installation
Version 1.1.6 (19.12.2016)
  • added delete buttons to the summary table
  • improved PHP 7.0 compatibility
  • improved support for special chars in project name and some project comment
  • customer e-mail is now obligatory for a new project
  • it was impossible to change the „action hints“
  • fixed some minor display errors
  • the summary was not shown in some cases
Version 1.1.5 (13.12.2016)
  • added a warning prior the deletion of all pictures
  • the „unlock customer“-Button did not act as intended
  • fixed a javascript error in the backend
  • it was still possible to select all pictures if the amount of selectable pictures was limitied
  • page will reload after publishing the passwords
Version 1.1.4 (12.12.2016)
  • the text „Bitte wählen Sie die gewünschten Bilder und eventuelle Nachbearbeitung aus.“ is now editabel
  • latest setting changes can be undone
  • showing a warning on resetting notice and e-mail messages
  • optimized and simplified some messages and menus
  • it is possible to upload edited pictures (they need to have the same filenames as the original files)
  • added an optional EULA (AGB) checkbox prior order confirmation
  • it is possible to define a margin around pictures in full size view
  • drag’n’drop upload did not respond
  • added more ajax responsivenes
  • the summary was not shown in some cases
  • fixed display errors and minor bugs
Version 1.1.3 (12.10.2016)
  • PhotoMark can now be connected to a Dropbox account
    • it is possible to upload pictures directly from Dropbox to PhotoMark
    • it is possible to share a Dropbox-folder containing the selected pictures directly with the customer instead of sending a zip-archive, stored on the WordPress server
  • it is possible to mail the link to the full resolution pictures (as zip-archive or Dropbox-share) directly after the customer confirmed his selection
  • free of charge resolutions of selected pictures can now be downloaded by the customer as zip-archive directly within the gallery view
  • filtering toolbar for customers can be disabled
  • cart will now be filled with standard items if a picture is marked
  • it is possible to deactivate the surname input field for customers
  • additional (optional) inputfield telephone for customers
  • the state „main customer“ of a project can be changed
  • the state of a customer gallery can now be locked or unlocked
  • debug system is greatly enhanced
    • debug files can be downloaded directly
    • it is now possible to send debug information directly to the support
  • the display of the upload process is simplified, details can be shown if nececcary
  • CSV export for the selection of a customer showed some errors
  • the key [PROJECTPASS] did not work and had a typo
  • an empty directory tree was created within the wordpress root directory
  • the overlay did not display corectly on some resolutions
  • there was no response on refreshing the zip archive
  • there was no response on „reset poject“, replaced with „delete all pictures“
  • fixed some cryptical error messages
  • the „send picture selection“ button did not change to „send picture selection again“
  • there was a problem sending the summary e-mail in some cases
  • the amount of possible free of charge resolutions is reduced from 2 to 1
Version 1.1.2 (10.08.2016)
  • short project link
  • it is now possible to force the customer to confirm the project notice
  • added mailto: links in project administration (mail to customer) and customer view (mail to administrator)
  • new security option to hide project and customer passwords until mouse over
  • new option to force server side picture resizing
  • reset „send a copy to photograph“ options in e-mail settings
  • optimized picture quality (now using bicubig downsizing)
  • in some cases it was not possible to create passwords
  • fixed some bugs with activated multisite configuration in WordPress
  • fixed multiple errors of the user interface
  • summary table behaved wrongly if the cart system was activated
  • quotation marks like “ or ‚ were converted to \“ or \‘ in texts
  • fixed incompatibilities with some WordPress themes
  • minor bugfixes
Version 1.1.1 (12.07.2016)
  • improved customer and project status information
  • added errorhandling for 45MP+ pictures (it is impossible to upload these pictures on servers with less than 128 MB RAM)
  • full screen picture: it’s now possible to switch to the previous/next picture with a click on the displayed picture
  • picture comment function can now be deactivated
  • symbolic overlay for preview pictures on mouse over
  • projects can now be locked for customers
  • new e-mail type: inform customers if the registration was successfull when there is still no picture uploaded
  • added an alternative zip package to be able to compress large archives
  • new debug system
  • new zip-subsystem for full size downloads (tbszip)
  • significantly improved performance
  • changed behavior of the project password
  • fixed incompatibilities with some WordPress themes
  • summary table completely rewritten and should now behave correctly
  • fixed missing loading animation in overlay
  • pictures were not uploaded randomly
  • switched to high resolution icons in backend
  • fixed and improved full size download behavior
  • minor bugfixes
  • removed the option to deactivate the storing of project passwords
Version 1.1.0 (07.06.2016)
  • customer mail adress will now be verified on the first visit of the customer
  • changed behavior of used owner name and mail adress. WordPress user account data will be used!
  • useroptios could not be changed
  • updated third party packages
  • removed „check for updates“ option
Version 1.0.9 (02.06.2016)
  • QR-Codes for project link
  • 3 shipping options
  • project comment
  • its now possible to reset explanatory and mail texts
  • optimizations for mobile devices
  • optimized behavior of the project administration menu
  • zipped pictures were only created for some selected pictures
  • fixed false rendering of cart if only one option was selected
  • the „reset project“ button now deletes all pictures from the project
  • the „reset zip-archive“ button now deletes the user specific zip archive
  • archives will be deleted if a picture is added, removed, marked or unmarked
  • all uploaded picture sizes will now be deleted if a picture is removed
  • fixed „wrong password“ error which occured with some e-mail-clients
Version 1.0.8 (18.04.2016)
  • limit the amount of selected pictures for every project
Version 1.0.7 (11.04.2016)
  • CSV Export feature (all projects, single project, single customer)
  • minor bugfixes
Version 1.0.6 (21.03.2016)
  • Fix: using exif data to get correct orientation of some pictures
  • fixed bug where wrong picturesizes were uploaded
  • [PAGEURL] was not replaced in password mail
  • fixed some critical bugs when cart function is used
Version 1.0.5 (06.03.2015)
  • pictures can now be resized to multiple resolutions (global & every project)
  • some resolutions can be set to be downloaded for free
  • watermark can be turned on/off individually for every resolution
  • project and customer passwords can now be stored
  • new update routine
  • now using wp-mail() function for interoperability with some mailing plugins
  • many bugfixes
  • backward compatibility removed!
Version 1.0.4 (beta, nov. 2015)
  • multiple customers for a single project are now possible
  • new customers can be invited to an existing project
  • new keyword [PROJECTINFO] to send the invitationlink to the main customer
  • red exclamation mark will be shown if no material/size is chosen
  • extensive internal code changes
  • corrected parsing errors in emails
  • keyword design changed from %KEYWORD% to [KEYWORD]
  • minor changes to the backend design
  • fixed appearance for dropdown menus in connection with some themes
  • some bugfixes
Version 1.0.3 (09.09.2015)
  • no full sized pictures will be uploaded if the appropriate option is deactivated
  • all checkboxes in admin frontend are now displayed correctly
  • changed behavior for jpeg quality setting
  • minor changes
Version 1.0.2 (08.09.2015)
  • customer options are now working properly
Version 1.0.1 (06.09.2015)
  • font-awesome version updated to 4.4.0
  • updated some symbols
  • repaired settings for special chars within passwords
Version 1.0.0 (03.09.2015)
  • settings could not be saved
Version 0.9.9 (23.08.2015)
  • added possibility to (de)select all pictures at once
  • it is now possible to load a backup if „allow_url_fopen“ is disabled
  • backups can now be deleted
  • improved ajax security
  • improved ajax response time in some cases
  • less js code
  • better compatibility with enfold
Version 0.9.8 (19.08.2015)
  • import / export settings to ini file
  • backend returns to last selected option set after saving
  • %PICCOUNTSELECTED% did not return the correct value in emails
  • optimised plain-text email appearance
  • minor string changes
Version 0.9.7 (04.07.2015)
  • filename lists can now be used in emails
  • customer options for „material“ and „format“ were rewritten from scratch to work like a cart system
  • uploadlimit raised from 2 to 20MB per picture
  • removed dependency for php.ini setting „allow_url_fopen“
  • some standard texts were missing after a new installation
  • code optimisation
  • minor bugfixes
Version 0.9.6 (31.05.2015)
  • pictures can now be uploaded with full resolution
  • its possible to download the selected full res. pictures as zip archive
  • new „project reset“ button
  • files on server will be deleted if a picture is removed from a project
  • minor bugfixes
  • redesigned backend
  • prepared some new features
Version 0.9.5 (17.05.2015)
  • incorrect parsing of password length caused some problems
  • statistics behaved incorrectly if a marking was changed
  • comments disappeared if a marking was changed
Version 0.9.4 (10.05.2015)
  • compressed js
  • „pages“ are now loaded via ajax
  • vertical scroll position is restored after closing the overlay
  • js warning can now be deaktivated
  • js warning should not appear on pageload
  • behavior of rating element is now dynamic
  • minor style issue in overlay
  • some minor internal changes
  • removed unnessesary js
Version 0.9.3 (09.05.2015)
  • picture comments did not work
  • minor style issue in overlay
Version 0.9.1 (07.05.2015)
  • added keyboard navigation in overlay ( left/right arrow, escape, return )
  • added touch navigation
  • overlay: the position of the menu can now be changed
  • overlay: added option to display the selection progress as text
  • picture filter for ratings added
  • drag and drop picture upload is now possible
  • changed upload appearence
  • file upload list is not longer „upside down“
  • files with .jpeg extension could not be uploaded
  • changed rating icons
  • filter: internal urls were incorrect in some cases
  • filter: loading-loop is fixed
  • fixed some display problems for mobile devices
  • minor bugfixes
Version 0.9.0 (03.04.2015)
  • rating function added
  • pictures do now upload instantly after selection
  • watermark, php above 5.5: png-files with palette colors produced a black background
  • watermark, php below 5.5: warning for png-files with palette colors added
  • user comment function did not work properly
  • url building function caused errors with some permalink settings in WordPress
  • many small fixes for some themes
  • reduced css-traffic
  • fixed some php-warnings and other minor issues
Version 0.8.9 (30.03.2015)
  • new uploadbutton for watermark
  • added an option to de-/activate the possibility to preselect pictures
  • photomark freezed in some cases if the select filter was used (frontend).
  • minor fix for „newave“
Version 0.8.8 (30.03.2015)
  • added pseudoelement to prevent customers from saving a picture with right click (theres no way to prevent any user to save any content published in www)
  • fixed some display errors with the theme „newave“
Version 0.8.7 (15.03.2015)
  • photographer comment for customers: fixed parsing error with line breaks
  • updated font-awesome to version 4.3.0
Version 0.8.6 (11.02.2015)
  • different password generation method + option to select the preferred method
  • option to select an amount and additional options for every picture
  • frontend: finished picture selections are additionally listed in the project menu
  • frontend: some options and buttons won’t show for finished picture selections
  • customers can get an overview over their picture selection
  • changed the appearance of the fullscreen overlay for small display sizes
  • changed „check for updates“ function
  • many minor bugfixes
Version 0.8.5 (11.01.2015)
  • admin backend was rewritten, „more information“ messages are now highlighted in green
  • activation of plugin was impossible due to a bug in the activation script
  • mailingscript always returned an error even if the mail was send correctly
Version 0.8.4 (25.12.2014)
  • option to limit customer comment length
  • possibility to use the wp-user database for multi user support
  • backend: some checkboxes hide dependent settings
  • code optimisation
  • minor bug fixes
Version 0.8.3 (15.12.2014)
  • option to send html e-mails
  • option to show or hide the file extension of selected files in e-mails
  • splitted keyword %SELECTED% in %SELECTED% and %PRESELECTED%
  • fixed some spelling mistakes
  • fixed some security issues
  • some e-mails had no sender address
  • js-warning did not hide if the plugin was loaded with ajax
Version 0.8.2 (02.12.2014)
  • new option to change the behavior of the mail button for the customer
  • fixed bug: customer instead of admin got email with selected pictures
  • „project finished“ state will now be set correctly
  • code optimisation
Version 0.8.1 (27.11.2014)
  • new option to enable/disable multiselect on picture filter
Version 0.8.0 (25.11.2014)
  • picture is now centered in fullscreen mode
  • update message will also be displayed in frontend if logged in as admin
  • demo mode
  • input field for access key is now hidden if logged in
  • fixed bug where the cusomer got an bcc e-mail
  • fixed line breaks in project comment
BETA 0.7.6 (24.11.2014)
  • warning if shortcode is not yet placed
  • added option in backend to create a comment template
  • new option to show projectname instead of picturename in fullscreen overlay
  • bugfixes for localisation
  • better error handling for updatecheck
  • minor bugfixes
BETA 0.7.5 (22.11.2014)
  • new option to hide filter effects in frontend
  • new option to hide the project creation date in frontend
  • enabled localisation with .po / .mo files
  • added a commend field for projects
  • customer options can now be enabled to behave like radio buttons
  • picture deletion: relplaced popup with an animation
  • reworked update function
  • design bugfixes in combination with some wp-themes
BETA 0.7d (17.11.2014)
  • auto check for updates
  • new icons in wp-backend
  • show used disk space in wp-backend
  • option to deactivate the link to wp-login
  • option to deactivate font awesome (for themes already shipping with fa 4.0 or greater)
  • warning for new users to change the name and e-mail adress in the backend
  • better compatibility with older fa-versions (4.0)
  • pictures with uppercase file extensions (JPG, JPEG) will now be uploaded
  • filter settings were not saved after crating a new project
  • security bugfixes